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CouplesYour financial situation is as unique as you are. We evaluate your individual circumstances, concerns, and priorities to create a personal financial strategy for you. Then, we help you learn what you need to know so that you can make the best financial decisions.

We offer a variety of services including:

Independent Investment Portfolio Analysis

Are you satisfied with your investment results? Is your money working hard for you?

We provide an independent, objective overview of your investment portfolio and recommend proper invest parameters without taking undue risk.

  • Stocks, including preferred stock and stock options
  • Bonds, mutual funds, and annuities
  • Real estate and other investments

Preparing for a Secure and Comfortable Retirement

Will you be able to retire when you'd like? Do your investments reflect the risk/return ratio that is right for you? Are you looking to rollover a 401(k) into an IRA?

BeachWe define and implement strategies designed to produce a worry-free retirement.

  • 401(k)/403b/457/SEP
  • IRAs, traditional and Roth
  • Pension and profit sharing
  • Tax-shelter annuities

Proactive Asset Wealth Management

Who is monitoring the markets for you? Who is continually managing and planning your next investment strategy? What risks are you taking?

We take pride in our wealth management services.  We perform on-going technical and fundamental analysis, striving to achieve positive returns without taking unnecessary risks. We meet with clients often, including trustees or executors of estates, and communicate in terms easy to understand.

Cash Flow Maximization

Have you wondered why there isn’t more money left over? Would you like more control over your cash outflow? Do you think you should be doing better?

FamilyOne of the secrets to financial success is to maximize cash flow. We can help generate excess cash without sacrificing your current lifestyle. The result is to help you attain financial freedom.

College Expense Counseling

Are you on track to pay for this expensive financial goal? Where should you invest? Which 529 plan is right for you?

Paying for college doesn't have to break your bank. Our college analysis can provide comprehensive answers to all your questions.

Sudden Wealth Assistance

Did you receive money through inheritance, divorce, litigation, or the lottery? Are you expecting to receive a large sum of money? Would you prefer to speak with an advisor who you can trust?

We frequently help the divorced and bereaved get their lives back on track and make wise decisions during a difficult time. But not everyone who receives sudden wealth has similar needs. Because we act only in your best interest, you can be assured that SFG Mecca Division will provide the right financial solution for your unique circumstances.

Objective Insurance Evaluation

Do you have proper insurance coverage? Are you paying for more coverage than you need?

HouseAs a fee-only firm not selling products, we develop prudent strategies to adequately protect your assets with the proper forms of coverage while minimizing your premiums.

  • Life, disability, and long-term care
  • Medical and medical supplemental
  • Dental and vision
  • Property and casualty

Tax Reduction Strategies

Are you taking advantage of the latest tax benefits? Is your tax preparer effectively communicating reduction strategies to you?

Our strategies are intended to help maximize deductions, so you don't have to pay more than you have to.

Legacy and Estate Planning Consultation

Will settling your estate be a simple process or protracted nightmare? Would you rather provide for your heirs or for the government? Will your executor be able to carry out your directives?

CoupleWe determine the most appropriate strategies that help minimize taxes, preserve principal, and allocate assets according to your wishes.

  • Wills and trusts, revocable and irrevocable
  • Advance care directives
  • Charitable giving
  • Gifting assets to family or others

Business Profit Planning

Is your business as profitable as you would like? Are you satisfied with your cash flow? Are expenses getting out of line? Can your internal procedures be more efficient?

Profit GraphWe advise business owners how to more effectively manage their businesses to improve profitability. We can also negotiate insurance renewals and banking relationships on your behalf, plus provide an analysis of retirement plan alternatives.

  • Business planning, accounting practices, and general procedures
  • Banking and vendor relationships
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Investment and private banking
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Corporate benefits--401(k), SEP, profit-sharing, health, and disability

Designing Business Retirement Benefit Plans

Do you have a business retirement plan? Is it the right retirement plan for you? Are you satisfied with your provider and returns?

We evaluate retirement plans, determine the most appropriate, cost-efficient plan for you. We also recommend investment options designed to achieve proper diversification in an effort to maximize returns. Our services include teaching employees to make proper choices with their retirement assets.

Private And Executive Wealth Management

Are you satisfied where your assets are located now, and do you get personal attention and have the relationship you desire?

We strive to provide excellent, quality comprehensive private and executive wealth management services at a lower cost than the fee charged by most major financial institutions.  And you will partner directly with the principal, Bob Mecca, CFP, MBA, not a junior assistant.  We stake our integrity on it.

Charitable Counseling

Do you need guidance regarding gifting or supporting charities?

We provide assistance in defining the financial impact of charitable donations and how to create an action plan that will produce tax advantages to reduce your taxes.

  • Is the charitable organization a tax deductible organization?
  • Is the full amount of the donation tax deductible?
  • Are there any additional costs that can be deducted in addition to the donation?

Divorce Planning

Are you contemplating or already going through a divorce?

Strategic Financial Group, LLC has a team of financial planners that specializes in divorce planning. Specialists on our team are active contributor’s to and their Second Saturday workshops, which supports individuals going through divorce by offering education in collaboration with Therapists & Divorce Attorneys.

  • Offer guidance on the separation of marital assets
  • Analyze and project divorce settlements
  • Offer financial expertise in court proceedings in collaboration with a divorce attorney

To learn about and locate one of our workshops, please Click Here.

The Choice is Yours

Choose any or all of the above services that interest you and contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your situation.

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Moving Past Advisor Burn-Out

Many clients of SFG Mecca Division come to us after having talked to other financial advisors. They tell us that their previous advisor:

  • Only talked about investments where the advisor received commissions
  • Rejected them because they didn't meet the advisor's minimum asset size
  • Didn't understand their issues
  • Failed to give them personal attention after the sale was made

With us, clients found that we listened carefully and responded thoughtfully to their concerns.

Pitfall Avoidance

Recommendations to purchase financial products are common. What's rare is a seasoned professional who explains what not to buy.

SFG Mecca Division is frequently asked about stocks, mutual funds, and other investment offers that his clients hear about. Typically, these investments are not in their best interest.

"Recommendations to avoid poor products are just as important as recommendations to purchase quality ones.

I'm proud to have saved my clients significant money by steering them away from investments that would damage their finances."

Robert Mecca

Contact us and obtain the right financial advice for you.

Troubled Times Call For Constant Communication

No other advisor communicates with their clients as often as we do.