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“Why is it important for me to understand the "psychology of money"?”, Worth Magazine online news article

“Why should I insist my advisors work less independently and more as a team?”, Worth Magazine online news article

“Should I adopt a "buyer beware" approach to selecting an investment advisor? ”, Worth Magazine online news article

Author And Contributing Writer

Bob Mecca has been quoted in a few articles:

“How Should You Invest in 2015? Experts Offer Their Tips”, Daily Herald newspaper

“Fed Recovery Doubts Spur Investor Bid For Treasuries”, Bloomberg online news article

“Advisors Name Favorite Actively Managed Mutual Funds”, FA Magazine online magazine

“How To Pick a 529 College-Savings Plan”, CNBC online news article

“When It’s Time For In Home Care”, Wall Street Journal online news article

“Is It Time To Buy Real Estate?”, Yahoo Finance online news article

“How We Spend – Urban Sprawl”, Chicago magazine

“The Future of Fees”, Wander Financial online news article

“Building A Risky Future”, Chicago Tribune newspaper

“First National Bank of Mom and Dad”, Money magazine


InterviewSFG team members have been quoted in many publications, including:

  • Worth Magazine
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Business Week
  • Reuters
  • Barrons
  • Investment News magazine
  • Fidelity magazine
  • The Journal of Financial Planning
  • The Physicians Personal Advisory magazine
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • The Daily Herald
  • Chicago Suburban Times
  • The Chicago Consumer
  • Investment Advisor Magazine
  • Money Magazine
  • Redbook Magazine
  • Chicago Magazine


ApplauseSFG team members have been honored as the keynote speaker for Rotary, library, church, investment clubs, and Kiwanis organizations, as well as:

  • DePaul University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Harper College Economic Panel
  • Illinois Retired Teachers Association
  • American Association of University Women
  • Lake County Dental Society
  • Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training
  • Chicago Drug and Chemical Association
  • Chicago Machinery Association
  • Linden Oaks Hospital
  • Wellness House
  • Square D Company

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What is a Mecca On Mondays email news and commentary?

Mecca on Mondays is a popular news and commentary sent weekly by email. It was previously only available to active clients and other special guests. Topics are deliberately and delicately chosen to inform and educate. The value of information, its timeliness, and positive monetary impact to your financial security cannot be minimized, especially under current volatile circumstances.  The following are links to recent Mecca on Mondays email news and commentaries:

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For 30 years as a teacher, Bob Mecca has been helping people learn the best ways to attain their financial goals. He explains complex terms in an easy to understand manner.  Robert has taught classes at:

  • Harper College
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Continuing Education District 211

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