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 Mecca on Mondays - 8/23/2016

Continuing in partnership with SFG, we proudly publish Mecca on Mondays as a thoughtful weekly news and commentary communication prepared exclusively for active clients and select special invited guests. Relevant and timely financial topics are designed to help inform and educate while deliberately chosen and personally authored to help promote your future financial security. Issues addressed in these news and commentaries can be further discussed with more personalized strategies. Call 888-363-7147 Ext. 212. 

Reading This Can Enhance Your Financial Security

For Such A Time As This

We made it through Y2K. We plowed through the latest recession and stock market meltdown. We survived 9/11. Now here we are almost through 2016 with a Presidential election to analyze.

This seems to be an uncommon election. These are indeed unique times. Wars, terrorism, hatred for mankind, global recession, negative interest rates, outsourcing, refugees, and much more. Technology, 5G, apps, instant global communication, etc.

As for these times, it requires careful and diligent analysis or one can easily make  inappropriate decisions.  Select, proactive investment management is essential, not a luxury. Sometimes holding the course, as hard as it may seem, is best. Look at Brexit, where stocks dumped but then rebounded. Other times, it is best to hold cash until the storms blow over. There is no textbook in which to follow. The stock market is not a traffic signal. Red means we pull all our money out. Green means pile in. Cross currents prevail.

We are here in this situation in such a time as this.  We need to act diligently.

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Partnering With Strategic Financial Group, LLC

Partnering with Strategic Financial Group, LLC and heading the SFG Mecca Division, our team will continue to work hard on your behalf to help promote your future financial security. As in the past, I remain your primary contact and financial advisor. I am supported by highly skilled professionals who bring substantial value to you.

Henceforth, please use my new phone number, 1-888-363-7147, extension 212, and email address

Week In Review With Commentary

Economies overseas continue to struggle. The Bank of England lowered interest rates and increased their quantitative easing program.  China's economy is softening.  Here in the U.S., there is media talk about raising interest rates in a month. I don't see that happening and give it a very low probability. I am still in the camp that we may see one interest rate hike towards the end of this year. With media talk of interest rates hikes, the bond market can be temporarily spooked. This should be short term and will pass. Currently, the ten year U.S. Treasury bond is around 1.52%; still very low. Yields in savings, money markets and CDs are still low and will be that way for the foreseeable future. Strong inflation is nowhere in sight. Leaving large chunks of money at your bank will yield only pennies.

Markets In Review With Commentary

During the summer months, volume in the stock market is lower than normal.  After Labor Day, we should witness changes. Volume should pick up. The market will focus more on the Presidential election as debates unfold. Volatility may increase. Historically, September and October are losing months for stocks. November and December are winning months. But this is not a "typical" year for many reasons. Just to mention one: history has shown that the full year's returns on stocks follow the month of January. We saw an awful January, 2016 but the stock market is up beyond my expectations.  This investment year has not followed historical patterns. We are in unchartered waters. It is imperative to have professional eyes on market, geopolitical, and international situations. With the resources of Strategic Financial Group, we are your eyes and ears.

Mecca Moment

You are unique. Your personal situation is like no other. You have your own DNA.

Don't make financial decisions just because others do it. Don't follow others or mimic them. It is likely they are blindly following people who don't know what they are doing either.

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