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Mecca on Mondays - 8/15/2016

Continuing in partnership with SFG, we proudly publish Mecca on Mondays as a thoughtful weekly news and commentary communication prepared exclusively for active clients and select special invited guests. Relevant and  timely financial topics are designed to help inform and educate while deliberately chosen and personally authored to help promote your future financial security. Issues addressed in these news and commentaries can be further discussed with more personalized strategies. Call 888-363-7147 Ext. 212. 

Feature Article

"I Love You Honey (As Long As I Get My Way)"

It is common. We see it far too many times. During periodic strategy meetings, there are strong differences of opinion between spouses.

In preparing trusts or wills, she wants to leave money to their son. He wants to disown the good-for-nothing kid.

He "needs" that motorcycle. She says the money has to be earmarked for Joey's braces.

He thinks his $200,000 life insurance policy is enough for his wife and two kids. She fears it is too low.

He does not wish to invest for college, leaving the children on their own. That is how his parents treated him. Meanwhile, she wants to pay the full load of college because her parents did so for her.

She wants to decorate the 25 year old house. He thinks it is fine the way it is.

Some dread having a credit card balance while others can sleep at night carrying huge debt.

Money and financial arguments are one of the leading causes of family stress and eventual divorce. At times, when new clients come to us, it is far too late to reconcile the deep wounds and harsh words spoken over several years. Most of the time, however, we are able to successfully deploy strategies acceptable to both spouses with happy endings.

Money has its own psychology associated to it. It has a different meaning to diferenet people. Its root can be a generation long. Those of the depression era tend to have trouble spending money. People who grew up poor tend to value money more than others.

Some have the mentality of spending money today because they don't know how long they will live. Women are especially sensitive of the possibility not having sufficient money down the road. They fear being a "bag lady."

Money is a tool to attain financial objectives. It is not to be worshiped, but respected. It can create or solve problems. Never let it dictate to you. Never allow it to be a wedge between two people who took wedding vows "in sickness or in health, in good times and bad."

You are a teammate with your spouse. It is not a matter of getting ones way. You can win the battle and lose the war.

Lean on me. In my 30+years as a financial partner with clients, I tackle major issues head-on. Now with the resources of Strategic Financial Group, we have a team of qualified professionals ready and able to help guide your financial future.

Learn About Finances

The fall, 2016 class schedule is coming out. Each class is only one day. There is no long term commitment.

  1. September 13, 6:30 pm - Financial Planning Primer: Class number LPF 0102-001, Harper College
  2. October 15, 9:00 am - Financial Planning Workshop With The Pros: Class number LPF 0001-001, Harper College
  3. October 18, 6:30 pm - Basic Principles Of The Stock and Bond Market: Class number LPF 0101-001, Harper College

To enroll in any of the above, please call 847-925-6300 at Harper College.

Below are classes taught at Continuing Education in various area high schools.  Enroll online or call 847-755-6820.

  1. September 8, 6:15 pm - Understand The Stock Market in Terms Easy To Learn: Class number B160-01, Palatine High School
  2. September 12, 6:15 pm - Secrets To Obtain Financial Security: Class number B150-01, Conant High School
  3. September 14, 6:15 pm - Flying Solo And Landing Safely: Class number B143-01, Fremd High School
  4. September 20, 6:15 pm - Roll That 401k Money To An IRA Right Now: Class number B152-01, Fremd High School
  5. September 21, 6:15 pm - Volatile Stock Stock Market Scares Me: Class number B155-01, Fremd High School

All classes are only one night so no long term commitment. The cost is minimal. Some classes have a special offer. Enroll one and the second person's cost is free.

If you have any questions on the classes, please call our office at 888-363-7147, extension 212.

Partnering With Strategic Financial Group, LLC

Partnering with Strategic Financial Group, LLC and heading the SFG Mecca Division, our team will continue to work hard on your behalf to help promote your future financial security. As in the past, I remain your primary contact and financial advisor. I am supported by highly skilled professionals who bring substantial value to you.

Henceforth, please use my new phone number, 1-888-363-7147, extension 212, and email address

Week In Review With Commentary

Our economy added 255,000 new jobs in July and hourly earnings rose. Such data suggests our economy will not fall back into a recession, as I've mentioned several times. On the other side of the coin, I don't believe this good economic news will push forward the time for interest rates to rise. We are in  a lukewarm situation and will continue at the status quo for awhile.

Markets In Review With Commentary

U.S. earnings season is about over with 93% of companies reporting. A surprising 4% beat earnings estimations or targets. Keep in mind that expectations were pretty low going into earnings season. Compared with last year, corporate earnings are down 2.6%. With stocks about the only game to play, p/e ratios in many industries are above their historical average. After Labor Day, we should see more normal volume return to the stock market. This will give us a good indication of future direction.  Short term, I am cautious.

Mecca Moment

If you follow the crowd, you get lost in the crowd. And that is rarely good.

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