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Mecca on Mondays - 8/1/2016

Continuing in partnership with SFG, we proudly publish Mecca on Mondays as a thoughtful weekly news and commentary communication prepared exclusively for active clients and select special invited guests. Relevant and  timely financial topics are designed to help inform and educate while deliberately chosen and personally authored to help promote your future financial security. Issues addressed in these news and commentaries can be further discussed with more personalized strategies. Call 888-363-7147 Ext. 212. 

Feature Article

Almost There

In our periodic meetings with clients either via phone or in person, we discuss and analyze all aspects of Financial Planning including:

  1. Investments
  2. Debt
  3. Cash Flow
  4. Current topics and geopolitical issues
  5. Taxes
  6. Personal situation
  7. Risk
  8. Life insurance
  9. Interest rates
  10. Markets: Stock, bond and real estate
  11. Estate issues

This last item  called "estate issues" is one which seems to be last on most people's "to do" list.

They "kinda" have an idea of what they want. They may even have considered what they desire to write in their will. However the next step towards putting their desires  in writing seems to fall a bit short.

Many clients have wills but that is the only estate document they have. They are almost there but not quite in completing their proper estate strategies. To do the job right on estate planning, people should design proper documents including a will,  living wills, health care power of attorney, and durable power of attorney documents. If warranted, a trust should be included.

Every individual may not necessarily need a complex trust. All should have the other aforementioned documents.

One would think that a legally married spouse would have authority on your behalf to make estate-related decisions. That may not necessarily be the case.

To avoid hassle, set up appropriate estate strategies, and go the distance, because certain legal documents are essential.

Have a living will. This one page document simply expresses your desires regarding end of life circumstances. If incapable of communicating your wishes to fight on or pull the plug, this legal document will speak for you.  It is a great relief from stress for the family.

A healthcare power of attorney document assigns another to make medical decisions for you which may not necessarily be life threatening. A healthcare POA empowers a designated person to talk to doctors on your behalf.

A durable power of attorney document is also important. Should you be physically or mentally incapable of carrying out your daily routines such as paying bills, etc. then assigning someone else to do so via this legal document is required. This is written proof that you have authorized this person to take care of your affairs.

You can see that "estate planning" is not just writing a simple will, but encompasses more fully comprehensive strategies.

If you have a will but not the other documents, you are almost there. Now is the time to complete the task.

In our meetings, we discuss these strategies to verify all documents are in place and, if so, they are updated with current language carrying out your specific desires.

We are here to help.

Learn About Finances

The fall, 2016 class schedule is coming out. Each class is only one day. There is no long term commitment.

  1. September 13, 6:30 pm - Financial Planning Primer: Class number LPF 0102-001, Harper College
  2. October 15, 9:00 am - Financial Planning Workshop With The Pros: Class number LPF 0001-001, Harper College
  3. October 18, 6:30 pm - Basic Principles Of The Stock and Bond Market: Class number LPF 0101-001, Harper College

To enroll, call 847-925-6300.

If you want details on each class, call our office at 888-363-7147, extension 212.

There will be more classes identified soon.

Partnering With Strategic Financial Group, LLC

Partnering with Strategic Financial Group, LLC and heading the SFG Mecca Division, our team will continue to work hard on your behalf to help promote your future financial security. As in the past, I remain your primary contact and financial advisor. I am supported by highly skilled professionals who bring substantial value to you. 

Henceforth, please use my new phone number, 1-888-363-7147, extension 212, and email address

Week In Review With Commentary

The recent US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) cited by our government was only 1.2%. That is not a strong economic recovery. Our economy is lukewarm at best. We will not fall back to recession and, yet, strong inflation is not to be seen. I continue to believe we could possibly have one interest rate hike toward year-end.

Markets In Review With Commentary

The June 30 US corporate earnings reports  are coming out mixed.  We still need strong revenue top line growth in order for me to be convinced our economy is getting stronger and corporations are in good shape. I am not seeing it yet. Companies that cut expenses and buy back their stock shares helps earnings, but revenue growth is required to help prove financial strength.

Oil has fallen the past week. The ten year US Treasury bond is holding around 1.5%. Mortgage rates are relatively low. People are taking advantage of these low rates by refinancing current debt. This summer, home buying investors jumped on the low rates by purchasing houses.Real estate values climbed this year due to the increased demand. Gold is holding around current prices.

Mecca Moment

Do not desire to fit in. Desire to lead. Think twice about following the crowd as the crowd is generally wrong most of the time.

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