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Bob MeccaPlanning your financial future is one of the most important steps you will ever take. Take that first step by contacting us today. You can be assured of a quick response.







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In our initial meeting, you will receive a 15 point comprehensive financial evaluation.  In addition, you can receive a copy of Bob's highly acclaimed article published in Stocks, Futures, Options magazine "The Key to a Comfortable Retirement".

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"D" None of the Above.  In our approach, we use a) no load funds b) funds with proven track records to the bottom line, and c) exchange traded funds. Never be married to one family of funds. You can diversify in a wide variety of funds and still have one consolidated reporting statement.

Our firm is known to help teach financial concepts to people without talking down to them.  We take each question seriously.  Our 30 years of teaching experience allows us to explain concepts in easy-to-understand terms.





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